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I’m Xavier Kelly, an entrepreneur and digital marketer with a passion for innovation and WordPress development. I pride myself on my creative solutions and practicality. With a keen eye for development and design, I’ve made it my mission to make online selling both straightforward and effective with my unique WordPress and digital marketing services. I want to be the ace in the hole for developers, digital entrepreneurs, and digital marketers when it comes to building digital products and selling digital products online. My clients have the drive to sell online; I just provide the tools they need to develop and sell better products!

I possess over six years of experience in software development and digital marketing online for B2B and B2C product. I offer superior client support and have successfully managed over 15 simultaneous paid search accounts while providing highly-targeted prospects and driving 4,620 digital leads and sales. The secret to my success is a results-oriented approach to software solutions. The products and tutorials I develop are for online entrepreneurs, by an online entrepreneur. They’re specifically designed to drive leads, maximize efficiency, and boost sales.

I am motivated by a genuine desire to help others in their online business endeavors. I believe that in this rapidly changing, global online economy, we have greater selling power than ever before. I consider it a worthwhile challenge to ensure that you are equipped with the most up-to-date software for your digital marketing needs. Utilizing my WordPress development and extensive digital marketing expertise, I can help you minimize costs, maximize efficiency, and boost sales like never before!


Google Adwords Search Advertising
Bing Search Advertising



Date: 2018-09 to


Digital Marketing Manager

Developing the marketing department of all blue solutions to generate more leads and sign-ups for the company while managing a team of 4 in pursuit of that goal.

Exposed Sports

Date: 2018-03 to



Creating connection and establishing a relation with Coaches, Players, and Sponsors to create high-quality creative content for our audience to enjoy.

Jackson and Kelly Development

Date: 2017-02 to


Co Founder

Work on establishing client relationship and selling development services.


Date: 2016-06 to 2017-12

1 Year and 7 Months

Co Founder

Used multiple digital marketing technicals to generate 61 clients. Designed, developed and managed over 57 websites. Managed digital marketing and development team of 7 people.


Date: 2016-12 to 2016-08

8 Months

Digital Marketing Manager

Used Bing Ads and Google Adwords to generate over $10 Million in sales. Developed and managed 3 websites and digital marketing strategy. Managed digital marketing team of 3 digital marketers.


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